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Tissemand med sovs og flødekartofler

Pelle B

Hold da op, vi har engelsk. Wow. Jeg kunne godt bruge en kebab med masser af chili. Nam nam.

1 2
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5.what is the name of the boy who pulled of a columbine in Santee?
6.When something is being send in the television, it is being ******
9.It is a code expression
10.The weapon used by the six year old boy to shoot his classmate
14.The famous musician who got blamed for the way the kids at the Columbine shooting acted.
1.When you feel you have done something wrong and regret it
2.The one you blame.
3.The word for a person who mocks and disturbs another human being.
4.If you are against the majority, you are against the ****?
7.when somebody feel sorry for you
8.The name of the highschool in Littleton Colorado
11.When somebody is checking through your personal belongings and your clothes
12.An association who believes guns shouldn't be errased. (Charlton Heston)
13.If you get shot and you stop breathing and your heart stops beating, you are ****

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