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Venture Capital

Prasad Linganna

1 2
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3.Something that you arrive at by dividing your total liabilities with total assets (2 Words)
5.Capital obtained by opening up ownership and profits to investors
6.A pool of profesionally managed equity (2 Words)
7.Something that is used to measure the financial strengths & weaknesses of the venture (2 Words)
8.Most frequently used source for short-term loans
10.Building a business with little or minimal outside capital
11.A type of capital that attracts interest
12.Wealthy investors who provide capital for start-ups in exchange for equity
1.A number derived by dividing your current assets with current liabilities (2 Words)
2.Gives the lowest value of the business (2 Words)
4.The longest stage in the Venture Capital deal process (2 Words)
9.Net Profits divided by Total Assets

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