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Cell Organelles

Mrs. Royal-Woods

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4."UPS or Fed-Ex of the cell", packages proteins to ship out of the cell
7."Highway of the cell", does not have ribosomes all over it
12."First cells", Very small, simple cells, mostly bacteria
13.Makes the RNA and lives in the Nucleus
14."Skin of the cell", surrounds and protects the cell, made of Phospholipids
15.Only found in the Plant cell, contains chlorophyll and Photosynthesis happens within
16."Storage of the cell", in animal cells it contains fat, in plant cells it contains water
1."Stomach of the cell", contains digestive enzymes
2."Highway of the cell", has ribosomes all over it
3.Jelly-like substance that fills the cell
5.Look like bundles of sticks, or barrels, used during mitosis
6."True cells", large cells, both animal and plant cells are in this group
8."Powerhouse of the cell", makes cell energy in the form of ATP
9.All over the Rough ER, makes proteins (and enzymes!)
10.Only found in the Plant cell, thick, rigid membrane that surrounds the plant cell
11."Brain of the cell", home of the DNA and Nucleolus

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