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Football and Homecoming Fun Facts

Kathryn Schleich

Fun facts of the origins and history of football and homecoming.

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4.This Minnesotan named Bud became the Vikings head coach in 1967.
5.Minnesota's professional football team is named after these Nordic explorers.
8.This game is a descendent of the ancient Greek sport Harpaston.
9.Gold and this color make up the Vikings logo.
10.This quarterback was the first MN Viking to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986.
12.Rutgers and this Ivy League school played what is thought to be the first American football game in 1869.
1.The number of Super Bowls the MN Vikings have played in.
2.Football games, pep rallies, parades, and this activity often make up Homecoming celebrations.
3.Number of football players on each team in modern American football.
6.The University of Minnesota is known as the Golden _______.
7.This fall event unites alumni and students to create a stronger sense of school pride.
11.The University of MN has won this many national football championships.

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