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A&P Test Review

Ms. Ziegler

1 2               3 4
  5     6  
  7         8       9                  
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15   16                        
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19         20          
21                           22            
25                           26                                      
  29 30     31   32               33    
          35 36      
    37           38                                  
    39   40                                    
41                     42                    
    45                       46                
      47                         48          
49             50   51      

2.body of a long bone
7.towards the head of an animal
9.thin outer layer of bone covering
12.part of the limb furthest from the body
13.rear of the animal
14.movement away from the median plane
16.plate of bone, i.e. scapula
17.break along the long axis of a bone
21.complex and irregularly shaped bone, i.e. vertebrae
23.moving from one place to another
25.freely moveable joint
26.break on one side of a bone, usually due to a bending force
28.narrow band of tissue that connects muscle to bone
31.body plane that divides the body into cranial and caudal parts
34.consists of the skull and vertebrae
37.towards the tail of an animal
38.bone breaks through the skin
39.large dorsal muscle, attaches humerus to lumbar region
41.closer to the surface
42.small, seed-shaped bone embedded in a tendon, i.e. proximal and distal sesamoids
43.primary flexor of the digit
45.cube shaped bone, i.e. bones of the carpus and tarsus
46.enlarged ends of long bones
47.bone shatters into many pieces
49.primary adductors of the forelimbs
52.further from the surface
53.muscle that indirectly aids the agonist
54.joining point of epiphysis and diaphysis
55.part of the limb closest to the body
1.moving the distal part of a limb towards the body
2.along the back or uppermost surface
3.attaches front leg to trunk
4.bone does not break through the skin
5.bone longer than it is wide, i.e. humerus, radius, and femur
6.process by which tissue and cartilage becomes bone
8.movement towards the median plane
10.body plane that divides the animal into dorsal and ventral parts
11.thin inner layer of bone covering; lines medullary cavity
15.moving the distal part of a limb away from the body
18.break completely across the bone
19.primary flexor of the elbow joint
20.body plane that divides the animal into “equal” right and left halves
22.superficial triangular muscle of the shoulder
24.prime mover of a joint
27.consists of fore and hind limbs
29.large muscle of the upper hindquarters
30.space within the bone filled with marrow
32.large flat muscles that support digestive and reproductive organs
33.along the belly surface
35.opposes movement of the agonist
36.any body plane that is parallel to the median plane
40.primary extensor of the elbow joint
44.muscle of the cheek
48.front of the animal
50.side of an animal
51.primary abductor of shoulder

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