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Julia Zammarelli

HTN Key terms and Disease Information

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3.Common adverse effect of Tekturna.
5.Hydralazine is a member of this class.
7.Brand name Doxazosin Mesylate
8.Direct renin inhibitor.
9.Brand name carvedilol
10.What trial determined the HTN medications for Diabetes patients?
13.Both labetalol and this medication can be used for cocaine overdose.
14.Bumetanide is a member of this class.
15.SBP <120 & DBP <80
16.First line of treatment is to modify _____.
19.A significant decrease in thiazide diuretics occurs with this complication.
21.Beta blockers block secretion of this.
25.Guidelines to treat HTN
26.Increased urinary catecholamine excretion accompanied by headache, palpitations, and perspiration.
28.This class of medications should be avoided in HTN.
29.Class of drugs for initial therapy.
31.Medication commonly prescribed for unstable angina
33.<130/<80 is the BP goal for this illness.
35.SBP 140-159 or DBP 90-99
36.Thiazide diuretics should not be administered with this medication as they decrease its clearance.
38.Patients should avoid this for 30 minutes before testing BP.
40.Renin-Angiotensin-______ System
43.Aldactone blocks this receptor.
47.MOA of thiazide diuretics is direct ___ dilation.
48.Diet rich in fruits, veggies, and lowfat dairy products with a reduced content of saturated and total fat.
52.Patients with heart failure should be on a diuretic, BB, Aldo Antag, and this.
53.Brand name of Olmesartan
54.Brand name of clonidine.
55.Common side effect of ACE-I's
56.It is recommended to engage in regular ____ physical activity.
57.Diuril is a member of this class.
58.Brand name Terazosin HCl
59.Inhibiting the reabsorption of this reduces total fluid volume.
1.Brand name metoprolol succinate
2.Generic name of Inderal
4.First agent used to treat Stage 1 HTN
6.Loop diuretics work by inhibiting sodium and chloride reabsorption in this loop.
10.Potent vasoconstrictor that stimulates aldosterone release
11.Amlodipine is a member of this chemical group
12.For patients who are 20/10 mm Hg greater than their goal BP, this therapy should be considered.
17.Recommended therapy for subarachnoid hemorrhage, intracerebral hemorrhage, and stroke
18.Blood Pressure = (Stroke Volume x _____) x Peripheral Resistance
20.HTN diet meal should be centered around these
22.Eating too much of this can induce HTN.
23.This cause of 2ndary HTN involves unprovoked hypokalemia and truncal obesity.
24.Common side effect of Verapamil
27.African Americans respond well to antagonism of this.
30.It is recommended to intake no more than 2g of this per day.
32.Coreg is eliminated by this route.
34.Acute elevations of BP (>180 SBP or >120 DBP) with the presence of acute or ongoing target organ damage constitutes this type of situation.
37.Brand name Atenolol
39.Diagnostic test for Chronic Kidney Disease
41.Hydralazine can have an adverse effect that mocks this disorder
42.Brand name Amlodipine
44.This type of therapy is preferred for HTN Emergencies
45.Common side effect of Amlodipine
46.Electrolyte that needs monitoring on an ACE-I
49.Treatment is determined by ____ blood pressure category.
50.Major Risk Factor for HTN
51.Brand name Verapamil

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