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Mr. Denis

Challenge yourself daily! You're worth the time and investment.

1     2      
3   4
  5               6
    8   9 10            
12       13
14             15                   16
  18   19             20          
21             22              

1.musical alphabet
5.minor fifths pattern
10.intervals 1,4,5,8 are called
11.Mode based on the Dominant
14.Mode based on the super tonic
15.if you lower a minor interval it becomes
17.if you raise a perfect interval it becomes
18.name of the scale degree a whole step down from DO
20.Parallel Keys Share the
21.order of sharps
22.Mode based on the Leading Tone
23.Another Term for Half Step
24.Time where beats divide into Three
2.Notes within a Key signature
3.Mode based on the Mediant
4.Major fifths pattern
6.Splits a scale in the middle
7.Mode based on the Sub Mediant
8.Mode based on the Sub Dominant
9.Notes that sound the same but spelled differently
12.Mode based on Tonic
13.Relative Keys Share the
16.Time where beats divide into Two
19.order of flats

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