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Comic Strip Beano

Kirsten Rasmussen

Extra clues in brackets

  2 3      
6 7           8    
  9 10    
11         12            
13               14     15      

2.A Beano character called Billy ________ who can run extraordinarily fast. (5) (someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field)
5.The storyline with Dennis throughout the years features his campaign of terror against a gang of _______, which are effeminate, well-behaved boys. (7) (opposite of hard)
7.Dennis is the archetypal badly-behaved _______. (9) (Where you learn and a young male)
11.This Beano character has a statue in Dundee and is called Minnie the ______ because she is as 'wild as wild can be'. (4) (flirtatious girl)
12.One of Dennis’ trademarks is his _______ knees and a menacing scowl. (7) (bumpy)
13.Dennis the mischievous boy wears a _____ jersey. (8) (banded)
14.British children’s comic Beano is published by D.C ___________ & Co. (7)
16.A Beano character who is a 4 years old called Ivy the _______ known for her mischievous antics. (8) (horrible)
17.A Beano character called Roger the _______. (6) (to swerve)
18.One of Dennis' trademarks is his ______ hair cut. (5) (untidy)
1.This Beano character has disastrous luck and is called Calamity _______. (5) (a pun on Calamity Jane but male)
3.Roger's basic remit was to avoid doing chores and _________. (8) (study done at home)
4.Because of paper and ink rationing in WWII Beano was published on alternate weeks with another comic called ________. (5) (Boys name)
6.In 1953 the puny cartoon character Little ______ appeared in Beano’s dangerous cartoon world. (4) (A purple/reddish fleshy fruit)
8.In the comic strip their is a class called 2B in Beanotown. They are called 'The ____ ______ kids' (4,6) (rear and public road)
9.Dennis has a Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound called _______. (7) (Informal English for teeth)
10.Many of the comic strips would end with Dennis being punished for his trouble making with ________ punishment such as a slippering or the use of a cane. (8) (a low rank officer in the armed forces)
15.Beano’s iconic character is called Dennis the ______. (6) (a pest)

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