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The Progressive Era

Miss Doucet

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1.What Gifford Pinchot was fired for by William Taft
6.Laws banning the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol
8.System set up by Wilson to set interest rates
9.Abbreviation for the group that many African Americans joined
10.Nickname of the party Theodore Roosevelt created
12.movement which advocated the moderation of elimination of alcohol
13.A muckraker who published a book of observations of the slaughterhouses of Chicago
15.Journalists who investigated social conditions and political corruption
16.Taft supported this tariff which cut tariffs hardly at all and actually raised them on some goods
19.Quaker woman who organized the Washington March
22.The first women's rights convention was held in NY in this city
23.A tax on imports and exports or schedule of prices railservice, bus routes etc.
24.Nickname for Theodore Roosevelt
2.Giant holding company of 3 major railroad companies
3.Taft supported this act that regulated ICC even more in 1910
4.Abbreviations for the Women's Movement
5.Shirt factory that caught on fire killing 141 people
7.This is a direct tax on the earnings of individuals and corportations
11.This party split during Taft's administration
14.Roosevelts nickname for William Taft
16.Roosevelt decides to run in 1912 election forming this party
17.President Wilson's attempt to to destroy monopolies
18.This Reclamation Act authorized the use of federal funds from public land sales to pay for irrigation and land development projects
20.This tariff was signed by Wilson and reduced the average tariff on imported goods by 30 percent
21.The act that strengthened the ICC

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