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Otic Preparations

Audra Campbell


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2.Most common disorder of the middle ear
4.Children may pull on ____ as a sign or symptom of an ear infection (this is not awlays true)
5.It is in the end of the word and decreases pH to reduce bacteria - one word
6.Cerumenex adimistered and remained in the ear for 15-30 the ear is flushed with warm water using a ___ ____ ___
8.Cerumenex is prescribed it is not allowed to stay in the ear canal more than ____ before irrigation
9.Tilting or lying on the untreated side allows for the medication to ___ in contact with the ear
10.It is in the end of the word and is a steriod
11.Used to temporally relieve pain
12.A child younger then 3 years of are, the ear canal is pulled ____
14.If drops are in suspension form, ____ the container well for 10 seconds before using
18.2 or 3 types of antibiotics
1.Try and have the patients tilt or lie on the untreated side for __ ____
3.3 or 3 types of antibiotics
6.an OVERGROWTH of bacterial or fungal micro-organisms not affected by antibiotic
7.1 or 3 types of antibiotics
13.On an adult the ear is pulled up and___
15.When instilling ear drops, the nurse has the pt lie on his or her side with the affeted ear toward ___
16.If the solution is cold, warm to room temperature by holding solutions in the ____ for 1-2 minutes before administering
17.Only preparations labeled___are instilled into the ears

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