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Ophthalmic Preparations

Audra Campbell

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1.Drug used in tx og elevated IOP resulting in decrease of aqueous humor secretion, resulting in a decrease of IOP
4.Fights against a variety of yeast and other infections
6.Treat eye infections
7.Reverse diagnostic mydriasis after ophthalmic examination, Generic Name
9.Miotics, Direct Acting, ad Cholinesterase Inhibitors have this end result
10.Another name for Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
11.Reverse diagnostic mydriasis after ophthalmic examination, Trade Name
12.Blocks the receptor in the smooth muscle and produces miosis. Mainly used to resrse the diagnostic mydriasis
13.Lubricates the eye
15.The eye's lens, iris, and cornea are continuously bathed and nourished by a fluid called ___ ____
18.Possess bacteriostatic effect against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.
20.Drug acts by lowering the IOP by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor usually given when other drugs are not tolerated or have no theraputic response.
23.This drug lowers IOP by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor, it has A&B adrenergic activity
25.Lowers IOP in pt with open-angle (chronic) glaucoma,Trade Name
26.Atrophy of the optic nerve with deterioration of vision and, if untreated can cause _____
27.Drug interfere with viral reproduction by altering DNA synthesis
29.Drug acts to reduce prodcution of aqueous humor thus lowering IOP
30.These drug prevent itching of the eyes caused by allergic conjunctivitis
32.Lowers IOP in pt with open-angle (chronic) glaucoma, Generic Name
33.The iris blocks the trabecular meshwork and limits the flow of the aqueous humor __-__ __
2.Drug is used to treat portoperative pain and inflammation after certain surgeries
3.Drug that decrease the rate of production of the aqueous humor and thereby lower the IOP
5.Prevention of ophthalmis neonatorum (prevent infection)
8.Ther angle permist the drainage of aqueous humor appears to be normal but does not function properly
14.Treatment of inflammation of the iris, the drug causes the inability to focus
16.Another name for open-angle glaucoma
17.As aquas humor is profuced, excess fluid normally flows out through a complex network of tissue called ____ ____
19.Drug possess anti-inflammatory activity and are used for inflammatory conditions.
21.The Pressure within the eye, abbreviation.
22.Dilate the pupil
24.Constrict superficial blood vessels of the sclera and decreases the formation of aqueous humor
28.___ is a condition fo the eye in which there is an increase in the IOP.
31.What does ophthalmic stands for

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