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Julia Zammarelli

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3.Nicotinic acid commonly causes this adverse reaction
4.These medications cause the greatest lowering of LDL
6.Mevacor is a member of this class of medications
7.Lowest dosed tablet available of Zocor
8.Vytorin is a combination of simvastatin and this medication
11.The number of weeks between monitoring for patients initially
12.Main monitoring tool for lipids.
14.Choestyramine is considered a bile acid ____
16.Statins inhibit this enzyme
17.Ideally, should be <200mg/dl for an average person
19.Nicotinic acid ER
21.Gemfibrozil brand name
22.Reduction in CHD rates and increase in HDL is possible with light use of this
26.These are produced by macrophages
27.Ideally, should be <100mg/dl for an average person
28.If a fasting lipid panel is normal, screening is repeated after ____ years.
29.Adverse effect to monitor for with statins
33.Refers to any lipid disorder
34.These types of fats are welcomed with dyslipidemia
36.Elevation in blood concentration of a lipid such as cholesterol or triglyceride.
43.Cholesterol Inhibitor
44.Majority of diet for maintaining normal cholesterol should come from this
46.Diabetics could potentially experience this with niacin
47.Lipid disorders are classified as
50.Elderly patients may experience this adverse effect when taking a bile acid sequestrant
51.This supplement can reduce TGs up to 30-60%
52.This type of fiber is good for lowering LDL
53.Brand name of Rosuvastatin
54.Brand name of Colesevelam
55.An HDL > or = to this number counts as a negative risk factor.
56.Major non lipid risk factor for CHD
1.Common secondary cause of lipid disorders
2.This drug was the center of a Scandinavian survival study that showed decreased cariac morbidity and mortality in patients with CHD and elevated cholesterol
5.These types of fats should be avoided with dylipidemia
9.Monocytes transform into these
10.Patients with severe renal impairment require dose adjustment with this statin
13.Brand name of Fluvastatin
15.Structural components of lipoproteins
18.Rare but serious side effect of statins
20.This type of hyperlipidemia is the most common form of familial dyslipidemiaC
21.Cholesterol is mainly produced in this organ
23.Atheroma lesioins may lead to this by thrombus or embolus formation
24.These cells are the initial lesion of atherosclerosis
25.This medication has several drug interactions and should be thoroughly investigated before initiating therapy in any patient
30.Older statins should be given at ____ because of the normal production times of cholesterol
31.Bile acid sequestrants are also called this
32.Ideally, should be <150mg/dl for an average person
35.Children 2-10yrs old are now recommended to get cholesterol screenings if they have family _____
37.Common side effect of Lovasa
38.Generic name of Zocor
39.This score is calculated by using risk factors to assess the potential for an individual to develop coronary heart disease
40.The higher the elevation of this in the blood, the more LDL migration into the artery.
41.Formula used to calculate LDL
42.Treatment recommendations
45.LDL = total cholesterol - (____ + TG/5)
48.Pretreatment with this medication is recommended with niacin.
49.Include cholesterol, TGs, and phospholipids

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