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PSYC4455 - Anatomy Puzzle

Christina Wilson

Anatomy & Physiology puzzle for class exercise. To be used with Funder (2013) The Personality Puzzle and a multi-piece brain model.

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3.Released by the hypothalamus, plays a role in bonding and sexual response.
5.Part of the neuron that sends information from the cell body to another cells
6.Lobe of the cortex that sits on the sides of the head, where the ears are.
7.Structure labeled with a “C” on the model
10.Part of the neuron that receives information from outside the cell and transfers it to the cell body.
11.Type of neuron that carries information from the central nervous system to muscles and organs.
14.Structure labeled with an “A” on the model
15.Neurotransmitter that has been argued to be responsible for inhibiting impulsive behavior.
16.Brain structure located in the center of the brain, just above the hypothalamus
17.Circular brain structure that seems to be important for processing memory.
1.Brain structure responsible for regulating metabolic processes such as hunger and sleep
2.Lobe of the cortex responsible for social understanding and self-control.
4.Neurotransmitter that has been argued to be influential in sociability.
8.Type of neuron that carries information toward the central nervous system.
9.Type of neuron that makes up the brain and spinal cord.
12.Structure labeled with a “B” on the model
13.Lobe of the cortex that is responsible for planning and understanding consequences

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