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World Cities

Tabby Claeys

4           5  
10               11      
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4.Capital city in eastern Germany, approximately 40 miles west of the Polish border
7.Port city in southwestern Netherlands lying about 20 miles inland from the North Sea, on both banks of a branch of the Rhine River
8.Capital city located in east central Argentina along a bay of the Atlantic Ocean
10.City of northeastern South Africa, south of Pretoria, the capital
14.City of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 80 miles north of Seattle, WA
17.Capital city lying on the banks on the River Thames in southeastern England
18.City on the banks of a lake in southwestern Switzerland
19.Capital city on the east bank of the Nile River in northeastern Egypt
20.Capital city in northeastern France on the Seine River
1.City in southeastern Australia on the Pacific coast, approximately 300 miles north of the Australian capital of Canberra
2.City in southwestern Netherlands on the coast of the North Sea where the "seat of government" is located
3.Capital city found in central Spain
5.An Atlantic coastal city of southeastern Brazil located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn
6.The capital city of the Netherlands, lying inland approximately 30 miles from the coast of the North Sea
9.Capital City located on the west bank of a river in northern India
11.Capital city lying inland, approximately 100 miles from a gulf of the Yellow Sea, in northern China
12.Capital city located on the west central Portugal coast
13.Capital city loted in east central Iraq on the banks of the Tigris River
15.Former capital city in southwestern Nigeria on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean
16.Capital city in western Russia on the European continent, named for the river that runs through it

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