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Week 5 Vocab

Jona Mathioudakis

Week 5 Vocab Assignment

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3.Process by which the accused and the prosecutor negotiate a mutually satisfactory disposition of the case. Such bargains are not binding on the court. (2 Words)
4.A written statement of fact, signed and sworn to before a person having authority to administer an oath.
5.Excusing a juror from a trial for a stated, specific reason, such as the juror knows the parties or witnesses in a case. Each side has an unlimited number of challenges for cause (3 Words)
6.The constitutional guarantee that an accused person receives a fair and impartial trial. (2 Words)
7.Written accusation of a grand jury, charging that a person or business committed a crime.
9.Statement made by the defendant as his/her guilt or innocence to the charge made against him or her.
10.A document issued by the court to compel a witness to appear and give testimony or to provide documentary evidence in a proceeding.
1.Court and the attorneys will meet to define the issues, prepare for the trial, and discuss the possibility of a settlement. (2 Words)
2.In criminal cases, a court hearing where the defendant is advised of the charges and is asked to plea guilty or not guilty.
8.Erroneous or invalid trial. Usually declared because of prejudicial error in the proceedings; a hung jury, or when the proceedings must be interrupted.

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