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Mountain of Motor Development

Tsegie and Gunner

1                 2 3
  5   6         7
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1.Walking before running
6.At the ____ level rests the issue of nature-nurture relations.
8.11 years old and up
9.1 to 7 years old
12.Birth to 2 weeks old; survival functions
13.An informed metaphor will recognize that heredity and environment are ends of the same continuum and the critical influence on development is their mutual
14.Changes in organism constraints that are associated with the process of aging
17.Throwing and catching
21.Means of representing something abstract with something more concrete or understandable
22.For example, the ___ is often characterized by the stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle age, and old age.
24.Determined by the interaction of constraints (environment, organism and task -- e.g. getting up the mountain!
25.Species-typical behaviors
2.Refers to aspects of the metaphor that influence its quality and suitability
3.Acquisition of these skills is dependent on
4.The period of motor skill development in which a skilled individual is compensating for a change
5.Promoted by family, friends, culture
7.At the _____, developmental issues may be organized as product and process issues.
10.Something that just happens
11.Skills are unique to the individual
15.to which you may always return when learning a completely new behavior/skill
16.A change in organism constraints associated with an injury
18.Evaluation of the metaphor at this level is based on the criteria of
19.2 weeks to 1 years old
20.age-associated progressive
23.These metaphors attempt to capture the ____ by which change occurs

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