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KNES 370 Lab 3 Cross Word Puzzle

Nathan Nevius & Ariella Gluckstadt

A puzzle designed for Motor Development course learning .

1     2   3     4        
    6   7       8          
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        21             22    

1.Development end with
3.The goal of Motor Development
6.The period when the system has to adapt because of injury or aging
10.Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation, SPH (2 Words)
12.Which is better at influencing Motor Development - Nature or Nurture
17.Skills specific to the individual
19.(goal) Summit of the "Mountain"
21.The ability to reach & grasp a cup is primarily the result of ______
23.C in the CSI of the "Mountain"
24.Period identified by involuntary actions/ spontaneous movement
1.Creator of the "Mountain", and the current Dean of the SPH (2 Words)
2.Types of constraints (1 of 3)
4.Period marked by the onset of voluntary movement
5.Types of constraints (1 of 3)
7.What is the "Mountain" in Motor Development terminology
8.Period where the goal is to demonstrate psychological & mechanical efficiency
9.Cause for the fluctuation of relative skillfulness (answer for everything)
11.I in the CSI of the "Mountain"
13.skills that are fundamental to the survival of the human species
14.Skills seen with in the Fundamental Patterns of Coordination
15.S in the CSI of the "Mountain"
16.Specific, small motor control
18.Types of constraints (1 of 3)
20.a domain of motor behavior that emerges during the Fundamental Patterns period (allows you to walk and jump)
22.Scientist that presented the theory of constraints

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