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Ancient India

(Mother of Hinduism and Buddhism)

1 2 3 4
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5.Unfair name given to the Harijan, the people below the caste system who are often mistreated and given the worst jobs
7.Along with the Vedas, these are the other sacred writings of Hinduism
9.The Pillars of Emperor Ashoka, of the Mauryan Empire, were used to display some Buddhist teachings and the ruler's _______.
11.The Harrapan language used pictographs and could use a Rosetta Stone because it has never been ___________.
16.The early Indus Civilization had planned cities, laid out in a grid, with bathrooms and sewer systems. Its two main cities were Mohenjo-Daro and this.
18.India is separated from the remainder of Asia by the Himalayas and this smaller mountain range
19.It is believed that these people invaded the Indus Valley around 1500 B.C.
20.To help them dominate, the Aryan invaders introduced the _______ System.
21.River considered sacred in Hinduism and is thought to be the source of all life
1.Invention of "Arabic Numbers," the concept of zero, scientific and medicinal advances were all contributions during India's "Golden Age" under this empire
2.Hindus and Buddhists both believe in this ("rebirthing of the soul")
3.Under the Gupta dynasty, classical India reached the height of it's achievements called this (two words)
4.Indian civilization first began in this river valley
6.The main teachings of Buddha that human desire leads to suffering in this world is called the "Four (two words)."
8.Before becoming the Buddha, __________ Gautama was the original name of Buddhism's founder
10.The Aryans invaded the Harrapan Civilization by traveling through the Hindu Kush Mountains using the __ __(two words)
12.Indian ruler responsible for sending missionaries to other parts of Asia, to spread Buddhism
13.Seasonal winds that affect the climate of India
14.Written language that was developed by the Aryans and revived by the Gupta Dynasty
15.This massive Indian empire conquered all of the Indian subcontinet except for the very tip.
17.Doing one's duty in Hinduism is called this and is believed to bring good karma.

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