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The Hound of the Baskervilles


4             5
  6         7
  9         10  
11       12            
13     14       15        
  16       17            

2.The mysterious man on the moor is hiding in a stone one
4.Sir .............? Used to live at Baskerville Hall and was found dead by the gate to the moor with a terrified expression on his face
6.Colour of Sir Henry's first missing boot
8.The escaped convict is Mrs Barrymore's ..........
9.Watson and Sir Henry hear the cry of one of these when they are on the moor
11.Neighbour of Sir Henry who likes to catch butterflies
13.Colour of Sir Henry's second missing boot
15.Paper from which the strange message was cut
16.name of the bog on the moor that sucks people in
18.County in which Baskerville Hall is located
19.place outside Baskeville Hall where Sir Charles' body was found
20.Lives at Lafter Hall and owns a huge telescope
21.The name of the escaped convict
22.Sir .....? Used to live at Baskerville Hall and was killed by a giant hound
1.Miss Stapleton is Stapleton's ...........
3.sent to Barrymore at Baskerville Hall
5.Capital city where the story begins
7.Surname of the servant at Baskerville Hall
10.Doctor who meets Holmes and Watson at the start of the story
12.The name of the woman with the initials LL
14.Barrymore holds one to the window
17.the groom at Baskerville Hall

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