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PSW: Developmental Disabilities

kirsten dittmann

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3.A permanant disability that a person is born with or that begins before the age of 18 years and that limits the ability to learn
4.A group of neurological disorders characterized by recurrent episodes of convulsive seizures, sensory disturbances, abnmormal; behaviour, loss of consciousness, or all of the above
5.Present at birth
7.Violent and sudden contraction or tremorsof muscle groups
10.The same as a Cognitive disability
11.A seizure involving convulsions
12.A brain disorder that impairs communication, social, and behavioural skills
13.Brief disturbance in the brain's normal electrical functionl; affects awareness, movement, and sensation
14.The most common form among inherited developmental disorders
15.A disorder affecting muscle control caused by injury or abnormality in motor region of the brain
1.a group of physical and mental abnormalities that occur in children as a result of alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy
2.Uncontrolled contractions of skeletal muscles and smooth muscles, such as spastic colon
3.Loss of ability to move corresponding parts on both sides of the body; both arms and both legs are affected
6.A congenital disorder caused by an extra twenty-first chromosome and results in varying degrees of intellectual disability
8.Impaired ability to learn
9.A congenital disorder involving improper closing of the spine before birth

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