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Unit 1 Review

English 8

Please leave punctuation out of your words to make them fit. You do not need to leave a space between two word answers.

1 2
3 4                
5     6        
9                       10          
    11 12              
13               14           15
17       18 19                    
21                 22             23  
25   26         27      
28     29 30     31        
    32                 33                    
34               35                             36
37             38 39          
41         42          
43               44                    

4.actual or real
6.the small object given to Shin-chi to help him remember his home
9.restore to working condition
10.the name of a girl locked in a safe
12.the name of the thing hanging from the ventilator in Julia's bedroom
13.the short but vital part of the plot where the outcome is clear & we know the status of the main characters
19.the part of the plot where setting, characters, and basic situation are introduced
20.this is what both Shin-chi and the dummer boy are far away from
21.believable reason why a suspect could not have been at the scene of a crime
22.something written for this "author's purpose" would be filled with facts
24.examples of this literature term include scary, sad, sarcastic, humorous, excited, etc
26.part of speech defined as person, place, thing or idea
28.a four letter word starting with the letter k that describes the general in "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh"
32.the narrator of Gentleman of Rio en Medio is a friend of the ...
33.deal making
34.Don Anselmo's trees belonged to this type of people
35.To inform, to entertain, & to persuade are all types of this
37.the last name of the prime suspect in the case of the speckled band
40.a message or insight about life developed throughout the entire story that could be applied to anyone… not only to the connected story
42.where Old Ben dies
43.threatening harm or evil
44.part of the plot that shows how the characters have changed from the effect of the story’s conflict
45.extremely useful
1.something written for this "author's purpose" would try to convince you of something and would contain opinions
2.unusual or old fashioned in a pleasing way
3.the high point of the plot
5.the name for an author's technique which builds suspense and hints at future events
8.the part of the plot where conflict increases
11.something written for this "author's purpose" would be a fictional story
12.the person who pretends he does not recognize Jimmy Valentine in the resolution of "A Retrieved Reformation"
14.the name of the type of story structure where events are told in the order they really happened
17.a four letter word starting with the letter d that describes Dr. Roylott at the end of the story
18.children, grandchildren, and continuing generations
23.judgments about something
25.the age of Shin-chi when he is sent to Indian Boarding school
27.a word that stands for a noun
29.document that transfers ownership of property
30.the last name of a reformed criminal
31.punishment for wrong doing
36.saw or mentally grasped
38.the sister in "The Adventures of the Speckled Band" who seeks Sherlock's help
39.an adjective starting with the letter V that describes Roylott's past
41."the speckled band" refers to this

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