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MS Word Terms

Mrs. Eubank

1 2 3 4       5
  6             7                                     8
10                     11   12  
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  15   16   17         18
          19               20                
22                     23 24 25                
    27   28     29                      
    31                         32       33               34  
    36 37                                    
38                       39        
42       43  
44         45       46                                  
            47 48  
  49         50                
51                       52      
53 54   55                               56    
  57                   58
        59                           60            
      62   63                
    64                   65      
67                           68                      
69         70                    

4.To create a duplicate of a selection
6.A graphics image stored in a graphics file format
7.The position of the text in relation to the left and right page margins
9.The recipient's address typed in the letter above the saluation.
10.The appearance of a line
13.A temporary storage area tha can hold up to 24 selections at a time
19.A color or pattern used to fill the background of a cell
20.Nonprinting lines that can be displayed around cells in a table.
21.A vertical bar is displayed at the tabl stop position. Text starts to the right of the bar.
22.A row across the top of a table in which heading information is entered
25.A temporary left and/or right margin for lines or paragraphs
26.A built in formula
29.Indents text from the left margin
31.The width of a column in a table, measured in inches
32.A style of letter in which some lines start at the center of the page
37.The position of text in relation to the top and bottom page margins
38.A complete set of characters in a specific face, style, and size
39.To insert a selection from the Clipboard into a document
40.Automatically corrects common spelling errors as you type
41.The lines that indicate the edges of cells in a table.
44.The character design of a font set
46.Symbols written on a printed document by a copyeditor or proofreader to indicate where revisions are required.
50.Text ends flush right with the tab stop
51.The line at the start of a letter including the greeting and the recipient's name.
55.The flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur in a document on-screen
57.The measurement of the space the insertion point advances when you press the Tab key
59.Indents all but the first line from the left margin.
60.A mathematical equation
61.The thickness of a line
63.Words with the opposite meanings
64.A font that has straight edges
66.A line drawn around the edges of a table or a table cell
67.Indents text from the right margin
68.The amount of white space between lines of text in a paragraph
69.Combines multiple cells together to create one large cell
70.A list of available styles
71.To delete a selection from its orginial location and move it to the Clipboard
1.The height of an uppercase eltter in a font set
2.To apply a colored background to text to call attention to it
3.A dot or symbol that marks an important line of information or designates items in a list
4.The rectangular area at the intersection of a column and a row.
5.Indents just the first line of a paragraph
8.A grid comprised of horizontal rows and vertical columns into which you can enter data.
10.Paper with a company's name and adderss already printed on it.
11.Divide one cell into multiple cells
12.Decimal points are aligned with the tab stop
14.Indents text from both the left and right margins.
15.A listing of words with synonyms and antonyms
16.Style of letter in which all lines start flush with the left margin
17.The amount of white space between the text and the edge of the page on all four sides
18.A document listing information about a person's seducation, work experience, and interests.
23.The height of a row in a table, measured in inches.
24.Markers on the horizontal ruler that indicate column dividers
27.Text starts flush left with the tab stop
28.Lined up evenly along an edge
30.Individual font or paragraph formatting settings applied directly to text as apposed to a collection of settings applied with a style.
33.A placeholder used to insert information
34.Text is centered on the tab stop
35.The amount of white space between paragraphs
36.To organize items into specificed order.
42.A horizontal series of cells in a table
43.The location on a horizaontal line to which the insertion point advances when you press the Tab key
45.The slant and weight of characters in a font set
47.A set of coordinated colors, fonts, and effects that can be applice to documents
48.A collection of ofrmatting settings that can be applied to characters or paragraphs
49.A non-pinting icon displayed on lower right corner of a table used to resize the table
52.The author's address
53.A sseries of characters inserted along the line between the location of the insertion point when you press the Tab key and the tab stop
54.A non-printing icon displayed on the upper left corner of a table used to select or move a table
56.Words with the same meaning
58.A vertical series of cells in a table
62.A font that has curved or extended edges
65.A font that looks like handwriting

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