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Cell Prodject Dessert !

Rachel Grant

1 2             3  
  4       5              
10       11                   12 13
  14 15                
17               18          

2.Cell that is more complex
4.Often described as "cellular power plants"
6.Contains organelles , jelly like substance
7.These make up an organ system
8.Green pigment found in chloroplasts of algae and plants
9.Separates interior of cell from outside environment
10.How plants make their own food
15.Acts as a "filter", provides structural support , protects cell
16.Special job something performs
17."Compartment" that is filled with water
18.The basic unit of heredity
19.When a plant has a lot of turgor pressure
20.When a plant has little turgor presure
1.Cell that lacks a nucleus
3.Water pressure within a plant cell
5.Basic structural and functional unit of all known living organisms
11.Organ is to body as ____ is to cell
12.Any living thing
13.The control center of the cell , contains DNA
14._____ Is to organ as organ system is to body

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