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Rome and the Rise of Christianity

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1.poet of the Augustan Age who wrote on the "follies and vices of his age."
4.second part of the Christian Bible.
8.an epidemic disease
10.most distinguished poet of the Augustan Age.
13.church members
14.western emperor who was deposed in 476 by Germanic army.
15.initially allied with Rome but revolted at Adrianopole
17.another important apostle. Founded Christian communities in Asia Minor.
20.emperor who reformed Roman empire.
22.rapid increase of price
26.leader of the apostles.
29.member of the second triumvirate. Became first Roman emperorq
30.government by three people with equal power.
33.wealthy landowners who became the ruling class of Rome.
35.from northern Italy Etruria, influenced development of Rome.
36.executive officers who led the army into battle.
37.form of government which leader is not a monarch and some citizens have the right to vote.
38.executive officer that was in charge of civil law.
2.church leaders
3.member of the first triumvirate. Made dictator in 45 B.C.
5.Romans adopted Christianity as official religion under this ruler.
6."the revered one"
7.an absolute ruler.
9.Jewish prophet who traveled and preached throughout Judea.
11.member of the first triumvirate. Known as the richest man in Rome.
12.first Christian emperor
16.dominate male in a family
18.Roman historian who wrote about the Roman values of sense of duty, courage, and discipline
19.poured into southern Spain and Africa and eventually also sacked Rome.
21.small landowners, craftsmen, merchants, and small farmers.
23.commander in chief
24.member of the first triumvirate. Opposed Caesar in the Roman Civil War
25.invaders of Rome who came from Asia
26.Gladiator who led slave revolt
27.Roman official who directed the Roman province of Judah.
28.the Greatest of the Carthaginian generals who led in the 2nd Punic War.
31.apartment block that poor people lived in.
32.early emperor of Rome who became corrupt.
34.member of second triumvirate. Allied with Egyptians after conflict with Octavian.

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