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  11                 12
14             15          

3.fonts are recognizable by the small lines at the ends of the various strokes of a character
5.the space between characters consistently across a block of text
6.The white space enclosed by a letterform, whether completely or partially
9.The round or elliptical parts of a letterform
11.The line reached by the descenders of lowercase letters
13.parts of letters that extend above the baseline
14.is the addition of space between characters.
17.The top of lowercase letters such as a, c, e and the top of the torso of lowercase letters such as b, d
18.The main stroke of a letter that is generally straight and not part of a bowl
1.is the reduction of space between characters
2.distance between the meanline and the baseline
4.the invisible line on which characters sit
6.The line reached by the top of uppercase letters
7.The line reached by the ascenders of lowercase letters
8.refers to the distance between lines of text.
10.fonts are often used when a large typeface is necessary, such as in a magazine headline
12.parts of letters that extend below the baseline
15.The point is used to measure the size of a font. One point is equal to 1/72 of an inch
16.is equal to 12 points

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