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Introductory Material Crossword Review


1 2         3         4
5   6 7     8    
  12       13                 14    
            15 16                  
  23                       24     25
27   28                    
30             31       32   33      
36                     37              
  38       39            

2."Sphere" of gases that surround the Earth
6.Smallest chunk of geologic time ex: Holocene
10."Sphere"of the Earth with Life
11.Zero degrees longitude (2 Words)
13.Study of the ocean
15.Study of the atmosphere and weather
17.Prefix that means 1/100
18.Zero degrees latitude
19.The distance between contour lines (2 Words)
20.Epoch that humans have been dominant
21.Map primarily used to look at rock types and geologic hazards (2 Words)
23.Lines of equal elevation (2 Words)
26.The last supercontinent that came together in the Permian and broke up in the Triassic
28.Study of the universe
29.A contour line with the elevation stated (2 Words)
30.A best guess in the scientific method
32.Unit measure distance in the metric system
34.Lines that run parallel to each other and measure N & S of the Equator
36.Map primarily used to look at naturally occuring features (2 Words)
37.Most recent geologic era
38.Prefix that means 1000
39.Study of the Earth
1.Where all of a sudden life shows up in the fossil record (2 Words)
3.Epoch the last ice age occured during
4.Unit measure of volume in the metric system
5.Map primarily used to look at the lay of the land/elevation (2 Words)
7.Means "Ancient Life"
8."Sphere" of the Earth with water
9.What has happen in the past is happening today and will happen in the future; magnitude and frequency vary
12.2000 degree silly putty
14.Map primarily used to look at man made boundaries such as states or counties (2 Words)
16.Largest Chunk of Geologic Time
22.Unit measure of mass in the metric system
24.Lines also called Meridians that run pole to pole and measure E & W of the Prime Meridian
25.The Jurassic is one of these types of chunks of geologic time
27.Ridged/rocky part of the Earth
31.1:25000 on a map represents this
32.Age of the Dinosaurs
33.Hypothesis that is proven over and over again
35.Prefix that means 1/1000

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