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Criminal Law


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3.creating a false document with the purpose of defrauding someone
5.agreement between two or more people for the purpose of committing, by their joint act, a criminal act
7.starting a fire with the intent to destroy a building
9.the criminal intent to do the act
12.unintentional killing of another human while committing a felony
14.intentional and wrongful physical contact that involves injury or offensive touching
17.the decision or plan to commit a crime
18.killing another human, without intent, not premeditated
19.a person who is not present when the crime is committed, but who aided in the commission of the crime
20.intentional doing of a wrongful act without just cause or excuse with the intent to inflict injury
24.asking, encouraging, or requesting of a person to commit a criminal act
27.unlawful taking and carrying away of a person against his will
28.entering a building or occupied structure with the purpose of committing a crime
29.the less serious classification of a crime
31.sexual intercourse with a person who is under the age of consent
32.engaging in sexual activity as a business
1.a person who is present during the commission of the crime and knowingly joins the principal offender
2.the willful attempt or threat to inflict injury upon the body of another
4.taking of another's money or property, usually by fraud
6.items, equipment or materials that are used to plant, cultivate, prepare, package, store or conceal controlled substances
8.killing another human, with intent, premeditation and malice
10.killing another human, with intent, not premediated
11.organized conspiracy to commit the crime of extortion
13.a crime punishable by death
15.copying or imitating something without authority with the purpose of defrauding someone
16.the act of the crime
21.obtaining the property of another by threatening that person with bodily harm, etc.
22.offering, giving, receiving or soliciting something of value for the purpose of influencing a public official's actions in her public duties
23.unjustifiable, inexcusable and intentional killing of another human, without premeditation or malice
25.taking goods or property of another person without their consent, a.k.a. theft
26.unlawful sexual intercourse without consent
30.the more serious classification of a crime

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