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Hepatitis C Crossword

Zach T

1 2       3   4        
5         6
8             9
14   15  
    19             20  
22         23            

2.A substance produced by the liver that aids in digestion.
3.The substance that is hardest on the liver.
7.Having hepattiis C a second time.
8.The number of tests needed for a diagnosis of hepatitis C.
11.A weekly injection used in the treatment of hepattiis C.
12.The number of different strains of hepatitis C.
13.A specialist that treats liver disease.
16.A low risk activity for transmission of hepatitis C.
17.The only way to know if you have hepatitis C. (2words)
19.A measure of how much virus is in one's body. (2words)
21.Many people don't experience these when they become infected with hepatitis C.
22.Performs over 500 different functions.
23.This exists for hepatitis A and hepatitis B, but NOT for hepatitis C.
1.The common length of treatment for genotype 2. (2words)
2.A new drug used in the treatment of genotype 1.
3.____ Test, the first test which is used to determine if you have been exposed to hepatitis C.
4.Having HIV and hep C at the same time.
5.Your liver stores these.
6.Advanced scarring of the liver.
9.How hepatitis C is transmitted. (2words)
10.Even sharing a personal hygeine item such as this is a low risk for hepatitis C transmission.
14.Yellowing of the skin and eyes.
15.Use new ones each time to prevent the risk of hepatitis C transmission.
17.A variation or strain of hepatitis C.
18.A possible side effect of treatment.
20.The initial rapid-onset and short-term stage of a disease.

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