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Go Tigers!

Philly Jen

1 2
4 5 6          
    7 8        
9                   10
      13               14  
16     17                

3.Retired with highest lifetime average (.367) (2 Words)
5.Nickname of the Tiger who hit the HR to end the 2006 ALCS
8.Nickname of the 2011 AL Batting Champion
9.First stadium at Michigan and Trumball (2 Words)
11.Former All-American wide receiver at Michigan State (2 Words)
13.Current Tiger owner (2 Words)
16.2011 Cy Young Winner
18.1 of 2 players to win more than 1 Home Run Derby (2 Words)
19.Last pitcher to have a 30 win season (2 Words)
20.Manager with most all time Tigers' wins (2 Words)
1.Manager of the record setting season loss of 119 games (2 Words)
2.Tigers won first World Series against in 1935
4.Team beat by Tigers in 1968 World Series
6.Youngest ever batting champion (2 Words)
7.Only Tiger to Homer over left field roof at Tiger Stadium (2 Words)
10.Pitcher with most strikeouts in Tiger history (2 Words)
12."The Hebrew Hammer" (2 Words)
14.Team Tigers lost World Series to in 2006
15.NIckname of pitcher who would talk to the ball (2 Words)
17.Spring training site

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