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Surgical Nursing

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1.application of a burning substance, a hot instrument, an electric current, or another agent to destroy tissue
3.vas deferens, testicular artery, vein and nerve, lymphatic vessels, external cremaster muscle, and tunic (2 Words)
5.layer of peritoneum that suspends parts of the intestines in the abdominal cavity
6.surgical removal
7.to wrap the exposed tissues or organs in saline moistened gauze during surgery (2 Words)
9.cage rest, leash walk, indoor only, etc (2 Words)
10.complete surgical removal of the scrotum and testicles (2 Words)
11.pierce through and through
12.suturing of muscles, subcutaneous tissue, and skin as separate layers (3 Words)
14.conversion of a closed cavity into an open pouch by incising and suturing the edges
16.the union of two surfaces that are normally separate
17.temporary sutures used to hold or manipulate tissues during a surgical procedure (2 Words)
21.persistent attentive care
23.surgical puncture to remove fluid or gas
26.not susceptible to treatment by surgery
27.ligated portion of uterus and uterine arteries that remain in the body (2 Words)
29.removal of material or growths from the surface of a cavity
30.surgical repair; to modify or reshape
32.the act of drawing back
33.surgical fixation
34.surgically cutting into
35.delicate, easily torn or crumbled
2.performing procedures in a manner that maintains sterility (2 Words)
4.an operation chosen by the owner that is not essential to the continuation or quality of an animal’s life (2 Words)
8.surgically creating an opening
9.to tie around a structure with suture material
13.legally required description of a surgical procedure in the medical record (2 Words)
14.group update and discussion on current or recent medical cases (2 Words)
15."white line" midline tendon of the abdominal muscles (2 Words)
18.tissue or organ for transplantation or implantation
19.parallel to but not on the midline
20.to surgically cut into
21.surgical fixation of a bone or joint
22.bring an internal organ outside of the body
24.legally required log book of all anesthetic procedures performed in a vet clinic (2 Words)
25.epithelium lining the abdominal and pelvic cavities and covering the contained organs
28.to surgically remove by cutting
31.visually examining

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