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By: Teena Denny

This puzzle goes over some of the basics of insulin. There are no spaces between words.

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2.Reduces blood glucose levels by increasing glucose transport across cell membranes; enhances conversion of glucose to glycogen.
7.Used to reverse the effects of insulin if the patient in unconscious due to hypoglycemia
8.The onset of this type of insulin is 2-4 hours.
10.A possible side effect from insulin.
13.If someone has an adverse reaction in the evening to insulin what is the name of the insulin they received?
14.With this type of insulin, a patient should eat 5-15 minutes after injection.
16.This interaction may increase blood glucose
17.The point of time where the medication is at its most effective point.
18.This insulin cannot be mixed with any other type of insulin.
1.What do you teach a patient to do to prevent lipohypertophy (fibrofatty masses at inj. sites?
3.Humulin R and Novolin R are names of this type of insulin.
4.What insulin is used to treat.
5.When drawing up two different insulins into one syringe, which do you draw up first?
6.This type of insulin has a 24 hour duration and no peak.
9.This interaction may decrease blood glucose.
11.This insulin is white and cloudy in appearance.
12.The length of time the medication works
14.What kind of insulin may be administered through IV.
15.The point of time when the medication starts to work

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