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Dante's Inferno

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36                 37       38

1.Represents incontinence or lust
6.The ferryman of Hell
7.The she-wolf halts Dante's journey here.
8.The opportunists dwell here and must forever chase a banner they will never cach
12.Dante's guide and teacher through Purgatory and Hell
15.The Blasphemers
16.Beatrice represents this
19.Interceded from Heaven on Dante's behalf
23.Examples of loving the wrong object
24.Where Dante spends the night lost and alone
26.Those who were never satisfied: greedy
27.Sits and judges the souls as they appear before him
29.Loving too strongly
33.Blown about in darkness
34.Not loving strongly enough
36.Those who deny God's existence
39.Purgatorio is a representation of this
40.What Dante's values most and what Virgil represents
41.His ancestor is in Limbo but he is in the one of the mouths of Lucifer
1.The sounds heard in Limbo
2.One of the subjects discussed by Virgil and Dante
3.This circle has ten sections e.g. flatterers, fortune tellers, and thieves
4.One of the great poets Dante meets in Limbo
5.The poem asserts this as one of its themes
9.The ninth circle composed of ice
10.Dwell in the river of Styx
11.Represents violence
13.Those who committed suicide
14.Those who would incite war; tyrants
17.Amassed all their wealth for themselves
18.Those who had not sinned but were born before the time of Christ.
20.Each individual is created by God; embraced by Dante
21.Virgil can no longer accompany Dante at this point
22.Belief that the human soul is formed by sperm and egg
25.The poem investigates the relationship between the and love for others
28.Love can be a source of this
30.Known as "the father of them that know"
31.Those who gorged themselves in life with food and wine
32.Belief that all humans share a single soul
35.Represents malice and fraud
37.A story in the middle ages which had a good outcome
38.Considered one of the 4-5 greatest poets in the Western tradition

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