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Cooking and Cooling

Melissa Hickey

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1.Function performed by operator when completing cooking and cooling
5.General term for type of bacteria that cause illness
6.Canadian body responsible for food safety
7.Type of product required to cook to a min of 165 F
10.Bacteria of concern for cooking
11.Final cooling temperature required for cooling (in Celsius)
12.Critical Limit for cooking vegetables (in Celsius)
15.United states government body responsible for meat safety
16.Bacteria found in the intestines of cows
17.Auditing pbody that sets requirements of airline cooling
18.These organs can fail in severe cases of E. coli food poisoning
22.At least how many decimal points must temperatures be recorded to
23.Critical control __
25.What you must do to thermometer before and after each use
26.Products that are fully cooked are considered
2.the report completed when there is deviation
3.Thermometers are verfied at this frequency for accuracy
4.Maximum number of hours to complete airline product cool-down
6.Oven probes must be in good working order and __
8.Number of locations that need to be checked when cooking
9.Bacteria of concern for cooling
13.Type of product required to cook to a min of 74 C
14.Maximum number of hours to complete meat cool-down
19.Zone in which bacteria thrive
20.You must record this number when you use a probe
21.CFIA __ Cooling Rate
24.One of the sites required to be checked when cooking

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