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Infection Prevention Week 2012

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2.Use this to clean your hands after caring for patients with C. diff diarrhea (3 Words)
4.This contagious viral illness is characterized by itchy vesicles and fever. In older adults it can cause shingles. (2 Words)
7.This dressing/patch is used around central line insertion sites to help prevent bloodstream infections
9.Reducing the risk of ____ makes healthcare safer and results in better patient outcomes
11.Personal protective equipment for entering an airborne isolation room (letters and numbers) (2 Words)
12.These infections can be caused by poor central line insertion and/or maintenance practices
14.A urine specimen was submitted to the lab for a urine _____ to determine if a patient had a urinary tract infection
15.Contagious viral illness usually occurring in childhood and early adolescence causes inflammation and painful swelling of the salivary glands. Can cause male infertility
19.These infections are associated with procedures performed in the operating room and can result from poor infection control in the OR and in the post-operative care of the patient. (2 Words)
20.Isolation precaution used for active infections caused by MRSA and VRE
21.Autoclaves are used to ______ instruments before surgery.
22.These should never be recapped, and should always be placed in sharps containers and never in the regular trash
25.Isolation precaution used for patients with known or suspected infections like tuberculosis (TB) or measles
26.Sharps containers are considered ___, and should no longer be used when their contents have reached the fill line or when their opening is obstructed, and they can no longer be safely used.
29.This type of injury often results from improper use or disposal of syringes
30.This product cleans your hands and doesn't require the use of soap and water.
33.This invasive device should be removed as soon as feasible to help prevent urinary tract infections in patients
37.B and C are types of this liver infection that can spread through blood
38.These precautions are used at ALL times for ALL patients if there is a potential for exposure to blood or body fluids. Considered a standard of care.
40.Transmission-based precautions used in addition to standard precautions for patients diagnosed with certain serious infections that can spread to others
41.Airborne, highly contagious, historically childhood infection characterized by a maculopapular rash. Used to be common in the US before vaccination. Can cause lethal encephalitis in infected people.
42.Dormant form of C. diff bacteria, contaminates environmental surfaces, lasts for months, and are highly resistant to common disinfectants.
1.Overuse and inappropriate use of these medications has resulted in infections that may be hard or impossible to treat
3.This hospital department helps prevent infections by cleaning and disinfecting the patient care environment (2 Words)
4.Common cause of severe diarrhea most often occurs in people on antibiotics, and causes death in 6% to 30% of people infected.
5.Potentially serious viral respiratory infection that kills up to 40,000 people every year. Easily prevented by annual vaccination
6.Who is responsible for helping to prevent infections by following Infection Control policies and practices? (2 Words)
8.Barriers are used during this dust-and-debris-generating hospital activity in order to contain fungal spores that can cause infections in our patients
10.Lab department that identifies bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause infections
13.All employees are required to receive this at least annually; Also known as a PPD (3 Words)
15.Common cause of skin and soft tissue infections, often confused with a spider bite
16.The most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States
17.This past year, CMS instituted a policy of not reimbursing hospitals for the costs of care related to specific infections considered ___
18.This common Arizona respiratory infection does not spread person to person, but causes infections when fungal spores from soil are inhaled (2 Words)
23.Airborne isolation rooms use this kind of air pressure to prevent the spread of infections transmitted by the airborne route
24.Doing this to your hands helps stop the spread of germs that can make you and our patients sick
27.Pneumonia can be associated with use of this piece of life-saving respiratory equipment
28.A nurse would put on _____ when touching a patient's wound
31.In 2009, H1N1 influenza caused this type of outbreak that was worldwide
32.Infections caused by this virus increase in the summer and are spread by mosquitoes (2 Words)
34.The R in MRSA stands for ______
35.Contagious vaccine-preventable respiratory infection that causes a distinctive cough and has caused 14 U.S, deaths, mostly in infants younger than 3 months, since the beginning of 2012.
36.Infections like influenza can spread through ______ created by coughing and sneezing
39.The only disinfectant that can kill C. diff spores

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