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Native Americans and Creation Myths

M. Newsome

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4.The meat the fox tries to get is really the sun's reflection, and he drowns. (SM)
7.The animals who stayed awake for the week recieved _____. (HWM) (2 Words)
8.totem poles tell a _____.
11.flapped wings and made mountains and valleys (HWM)
13.a symbol, story pattern, or character type found in the literature of many cultures; the trickster is an example.
14.Aataentsic and the tree fall through a _____ and land on the turtle's back. (ST)
16.spoiled meat and red shell from being too close the sun (HWM)
17.The leopard recieved some of the sound from _____ for his roar. (HLGC)
18.Native Americans believed the land could not be _____.
19.The dog becomes a slave to the _____. (HLGC)
23.The dog was lazy and refused to help the other animals build the common _____. (HLGC)
24.The _____ that stayed awake would be green all year and not lose their leaves. (HWM)
26.The animals put mud on its back to make the earth. (ST)
28.The brother slapped the sister with a _____ and told her to multiply? (HWM)
29.The rabbit stole _____ and gave it to everyone. (TF)
32.The _____ couldn't put out his fires. (TF)
1.The trickster in "A Satisfying Meal."
2.put the sun on a track (HWM)
3.brought up mud from under the water to make the earth (HWM) (2 Words)
5.How Native Americans viewed nature as.
6.The fox is tricked into holding up the side of a _____. (SM)
9.Stories were passed down _____ from one generation to the next.
10.The leopard returns and throws out the dog, and all of the animals _____. (HLGC)
12.The Sky Tree provides _____ for all the people. (ST)
15.The coyote puts _____ on the fox's face to trick him into thinking he ate his own food when really the coyote stole it. (SM)
20.Aataentsic needs the fruit at the _____ of the tree. (ST)
21.The trickster in "The Theft of Fire."
22.An anonymous, traditional story that relies on the supernatural to explain a natural phenomenon, an aspect of human behavior, or a mystery of the universe.
25.Aataentsic's husband is _____ and will die without the fruit. (ST)
26.The coyote tricks the fox _____ times. (SM)
27.The people live in Sky _____. (ST)
30.The leopard got teeth of _____ and claws of bronze. (HLGC)
31.The rabbit put _____ on his head and stuck it into the fire. (TF)

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