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Vocabulary Words

Jana Merida

oxygen, metamorphosis, migration, instinct, shelter, environment, adaptation, camouflage, hibernation, mimicry, climate

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1.An animal color or pattern that helps its blend in with its surrounding.
3.A body part or behavior that helps an animal meet its needs in its environment.
4.A place where an animal is protected from other animal or from the weather.
6.An adaptation in which an animal looks very much like another animal or an object.
8.Every thing that surrounds and affects an animal,including living and nonliving things.
10.the movement of a group of one type of animal from one region to another and back agin.
11.One of the many gases in air.
2.the process of change of example from an egg to an adult butterfly.
5.A period when an animal goes into a long deep sleep.
7.A behavior that an animal being life with.
9.The average temperature and rainfall of an area over many years.

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