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Budgeting- Making the Most of your Money

Mrs. Sandra Cleveland

Financial Literacy Unit 2

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7.a fee collected by the federal government to support its programs (3 Words)
11.cost the same amount every time (2 Words)
12.a plan for managing your money during a given period of time
13.put money in savings first to reach a long-term financial goal
14.what you spend money on—your needs and wants
1.provides a small income to the elderly, disabled, and orphans (3 Words)
2.fluctuate in amount, like groceries (2 Words)
3.any money you earn or receive
4.income tax that helps pay for state services (3 Words)
5.take home pay and where you start from to plan a budget (2 Words)
6.expenses you don’t pay every month (2 Words)
8.total amount of income from your wages before any payroll deductions (2 Words)
9.provides medical insurance to the elderly and some disabled Americans (2 Words)
10.the money coming in and the money going out (2 Words)

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