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Test Two Review Guide

Mr. Kane, Ms. Taylor & Mr. White

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2.Lincoln was the President from this political party, which did not want to end slavery in where it already existed.
4.The Monitor and Merrimack were called this, which ment the end to the use of wooden ships
5.This man won both the 1860 and 1864 US Elections
7.This man shot and killed Abraham Lincoln
9.Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware and Missouri which were all slave states who stayed with the union were called this during the Civil War
11.Resources, Large population, and the use of Total War were all advantages of the?
15.Popular Sovereignty in NM and Utah, Fugitive Slave Laws, end of Slave Trade in DC, and California as a Free State were part of this
20.This proclaimed freedom to slaves in states still rebelling against the union, but did not actually free any slaves.
25.This ended the Confederate attempt for victory in the North, and forced Lee back to the South
26.Slavery being abolished, the Union being reunited, and displacement and lives lost were all this of the Civil War?
28.John Brown and his Family killed 5 slave holders, in an event known as this.
31.Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote this book which explained the horrors of Slavery/Slave life.
33.The know nothing party was a political group made up of this type of person (supports anti-imigration)
34.Provision of the Compromise of 1850 that forced runaway slaves back into Slavery in the South
35.This person sued for his freedom because his "master" had taken him to live in the North.
37.Lincoln suspended this, requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court.
38.This person passed the Compromise of 1850 through piece by piece.
39.This amendment ended all types of slavery in the United States
40.John Brown's raid on this was intended to spark a slave uprising.
1.The ___ debates were centered around the expansion of slavery
3.Jefferson Davis was elected as the first President of this.
6.Giving the people of a territory or state the right to vote on an issue (like slavery) is called this.
8.This group ruled that Dred Scott was a slave because it didn't matter where he lived, he was considered property and there for did not have rights.
10.The Union's plan to strangle the South by blockading the water and ports, in an effort to take Richmond was called this
12.Harriet Tubman was a very famous conductor of this.
13.Dred Scott decision removed ____ on slavery, which would now allow it to spread into northern territories
14.This person lead a "March to the Sea" and destroyed a lot of towns along the way
16.Although facing prejudice, African Americans would still provide food to soldiers, or even fight in the 54th ________?
17.This Union General was criticized for being too passive during the war
18.The Confederate General who was asked by Winfield Scott to take control of the Union's Army was
19.___ was a term for Northern opponents of the American Civil War.
21.This stated that people did not have to help recapture runaway slaves.
22.This was the first state to secede from the Union
23.A stong military leadership and fighting a defensive war were both ____ of the South
24.This person came up with the Compromise of 1850 (not the person who got it passed through)
27.Stephen Douglas introduced this act which allowed Popular Sovereignty to decide on their status of Slave or Free (Assumed one would be free and the other slave.)
29.Confederates shooting first, Lincoln winning the Election, and Dred Scott all were these of the Civil War
30.The first shots of the Civil War started here
32.The single bloodiest day of the Civil War battles was?
36.The side during the Civil War eventually used up all of their resources which included funding?

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