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terms career & education

Terms you will need to know for college, and post secondary career preparation.

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1.Subject Test that show mastery of specific subjects.
5.Associats, bachelor's and master's
7.Undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities.
11.Document that gives college graduates the rank of officer in Armed forces.
13.Free Application For Federal Student Aid
14.Equals Cost of Attendance minus Expected Family contribution.
16.Must complete a program that is at least two, but lesst than four year of college.
18.On the job training combined with classroom study.
19."pre-ACT"test, predictor of success on the ACT Assessment.
21.Run by the state or government agency
22.Offer apprentice and journeyman programs.
24.The permanent record of all the classes you take and grades you ear.
25.The amount charged for each hour of college class time.
26.Cosponsored by College Board adn National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
27.Offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees.
28.Mental picture or written document of interest, abilities, values, priorties.
29.Work related classees or programs of study. Ex: Business technology
2.Concentrates on Multisubject study.
3.College cost not included in tuition. Programs, student events, and publications.
4.Four year program begins in 11th grade.
6.Governments do not run.
8.Covers English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning.
9.Measures verbal reasoning, critical reading & math problem solving skills.
10.Create an "award package"
12.Allows students to earn money and work experience while in college.
15.Students take exam which covers all the course material to earn college credit.
17.Master of a specific skilled trade, like carpentry, masonry
20.Group of classes needed to complete a program, degree or certficiate.
23.Helps college students pay for education is a scholarship you agree to serve in military.

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