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Periodic Table

Cinda Cuthbertson

3           4
5   6  
  9     10   11                  
  14     15      
      16             17  
19       20
21               22          
23               24    

2.146 neutrons and 92 electrons
3.light particle
7.element with an atomic number of 83
9.element with 30 protons
11.number of protons + neutrons
12.experiment Rutherford used to discover the nuclues
13.uncharged particle found in the nucleus
14.charged atoms
16.average atomic mass is 52.00
18.also known as the principal quantum number
21.found in the electron cloud
22.positively charged particle with a relative mass of 1
23.s, p, d, or f
24.visible color with lowest energy
1.amount of energy required to move an electron from one energy level to the next
4.neutral atom of this element has 11 electrons
5.element with no neutrons
6.number of protons only
7.scientists who proposed electrons follow specific paths or orbits
8.atoms of elements that have different atomic mass and number of neutrons
10.the -1 charged ion for ths element would have 18 electrons
14.element with 26 protons
15.shape of s-orbital
17.element symbol is Hg
19.lightest noble gas
20.visible color with high energy

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