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Map Projections

Billy Bob and Natasha

2       3                           4                          
  5 6                                          
      7 8  
9                     10                                  
  12             13 14  
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2.Spacing between the lines gradually increase the farther away they get frame the central meridian (4 Words)
6.This map projection was used as a mapping of the U.S. but stopped being used in 1950 (3 Words)
9.The spacing between the lines gradually increase the farther away from the great circle and both poles are shown (4 Words)
15.Used to show large areas of the U.S. (6 Words)
17.Mostly used for maps of Antarctica, Arctic, and Antarctic (3 Words)
18.Displays all great circles as straight lines, less than half the sphere can be projected into this infinite map (3 Words)
19.Used for regions that are equal in all directions. Example: Asia and Pacific Ocean (6 Words)
1.Used to show either both or just of the Americas. (6 Words)
3.an equal area map (5 Words)
4.The poles are straight lines and the entire Earth is in a rectangular frame (4 Words)
5.Where areas are shown in correct proportion (3 Words)
7.looks like a photograph taken from deep in space (3 Words)
8.The grid is rectangular and the longitude and latitude lines are parallel (3 Words)
10.Is used for showing airline projections (3 Words)
11.Used in atlases to show areas in middle latin (4 Words)
12.Parallel lines that are parallel and are spaced equally on meridians (3 Words)
13.a 6-sided map projection with square sides (3 Words)
14.A map projection formed by projecting coordinates (3 Words)
16.A map projection showing the poles as lines, not points (3 Words)

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