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Unit 4: Tobacco & Alcohol

1 2 3
4                     5  
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4.This is put in smokeless tobacco so it will be absorbed faster into the bloodstream
9.Periodic excessive drinking
11.Tobacco that is sniffed through the nose or chewed
14.Condition which involves the destruction of the air sacs in the lungs
16.The physical and mental impairment from using alcohol
17.Thick, sticky dark fluid produced when tobacco burns
18.This is responsible for the breakdown of alcohol
19.Nicotine is in this category of drug
20.Type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages
1.Cancer causing substances
2.Chemical action of sugars to make alcohol
3.Condition that can occur to an unborn baby
5.Thickened, white, leathery-appearing spots on the inside of smokeless tobacco users mouth
6.The process that occurs when a drug is no longer used
7.Smoke that comes from burning tobacco
8.Smoke that a smoker blows off
10.Driving under the influence stands for
12.A physical and psychological dependence on ethanol
13.Liver tissue is destroyed and then erplaced with useless scar tissue
15.The addictive drug found in cigarettes

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