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Igneous Rocks

Earth Science - Mr. Hobson

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3.the process whereby some minerals melt at relatively low temperatures while other minerals remain solid (2 Words)
5.granite has a ____ melting point than basalt because of differences in their mineral composition and water content
7.magma with a high silica content
9.magma that flows out onto Earth's surface
10.pressure increases with depth as a result of the weight of ______ rock
12.most abundant element in Earth's crust
18.a crystal with a calcium-rich core surrounded by sodium-rich feldspar (2 Words)
19.removing water from a rock will _____ its melting point
21.a process that shows the predictable process of how minerals form from magma (3 Words)
23.fourth most abundant element in Earth's crust
24.the very last mineral to form in the Bowen's Reaction Series
25.olivine can change into _____
1.the first minerals that crystallize from magma are the last minerals that melted during partial melting (2 Words)
2.third most abundant element in Earth's crust
4.pyroxene can change into ______
6.the first iron-rich mineral to form
8.plagioclase feldspar is rich in _____
11.magma with a low silica content
13.magma with a silica content between basaltic and rhyolitic
14.the left branch of the Bowen's Reaction Series is also known as the _____ series
15.the right branch of the Bowen's Reaction Series is also known as the _____ series
16.the melting point of a rock _____ as pressure decreases
17.temperature generally ______ with depth in Earth's crust
20.second most abundant element present in magma
22.type of rock that forms when lava or magma cools and minerals crystallize

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