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Language Tools: Grammar and Handwriting

Marcia Mason

This crossword puzzle was derived from Chapter 13 of Gail Tompkins Language Arts book, "Patterns of Practice" (2012).

1 2 3     4      
  5 6 7    
  8                               9  
  14     15                    
        17     18            
          20   21          
23                         24
26             27    

3.Handwriting that can quickly and easily read
8.Has two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses
12.A sentence that asks questions
15.A sentence that makes a statement
18.The most controversial language arts topic and is the description of the syntax and prescriptions for its use
19.Parts of something that expresses a complete thought and must have a subject that names who or what the sentence is about and a predicate that includes the verb
20.As students do this, they can learn the structure of the English language
22.Not standard English and may include double negatives such as, "I aint got no", instead of “I do not have any"
23.A word or phrase used to express strong emotion and set off by commas or an exclamation point such as: wow, hey, How are you? Cool, dude!
25.A type of noun that names a particular person, place, or thing and is capitalized
26.Handwriting that can be effortlessly and quickly produced
28.A word or group of words used to show position, direction , or how two words or ideas are related to each other
29.Type of sentence that contains only one independent clause
30.A word used to show action or state of being such as: eat, think, will, have, saw, is, can, or would
31.A sentence activity -where students create a new sentence on a new topic without changing the structure or the style of the original sentence
32.A sentence activity – when a sentence is shortened and students re-create the sentence matching the authors style
1.A word used to describe a noun or a pronoun, such as: the, fastest
2.By sixth grade, this is a common problem because students have a problem differentiating between common and proper nouns
4.A sentence that makes commands
5.A word used to name something, a person, place, or thing
6.A sentence activity - when a long sentence is chosen and the phrases are separated, students reassemble the sentence to the authors original order
7.A type of sentence that contains one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses
8.Letters that are written in uppercase to divide sentences and signal important words within a sentence
9.When students apply grammar concepts in their own writing during the editing stage of the writing process
10.Sometimes teachers need to do this to speech so that students can learn Standard English and assume responsibility for learning it themselves
11.A sentence that communicates strong emotion or surprise
13.Type of sentence that contains two or more independent clauses
14.Marks that signal grammatical boundaries, and expresses meaning
16.A word used in place of a noun such as: I, me, you, or who
17.A word used to connect words and groups of words such as: and, or, because, either-or, when
21.Tells how, when , where, why, how often, or how much
24.Parts of something that includes nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections
27.A sentence activity - when a dense sentence is broken into three or more sentences and students combine the simple sentences to recreate the original
28.An end of sentence mark introduced to students in kindergarten

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