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Unit Four- Age of Discovery

Alexis Scott

1             2       3 4
5   6          
  8         9              
      12 13    
    15             16     17    
  18                 19        
  22                   23          
24 25        

1.creates three dimension in a painting
6.Japanese drama
7.GLOBAL transfer of animals, plants, and diseases between Europe and the Americas
8.elite soldiers in the Ottoman Empire
10.golden age of the Renaissance because of Queen ELIZABETH
12.twelve people sworn to give verdict concerning guilt or innocence in a trial
14.sponsor for artists, writers, and scientists
15.wealth = power
18.religion based off the ideas of John Calvin
20.written agreement between two or more political authorities, states, or countries
22.Member of the Protestant church based on the teachings of Martin Luther
23.Islamic Turkish warriors during the rise of the Ottoman Empire
26.device used for navigation using a magnetic needle
27.middle of the triangular trade
28.tool used to find the location of celestial bodies for navigation
29.set standards for wages, work conditions, and making goods
30.ancient manuscript
2.exchange of goods and services between Europe and the Americas
3.a graphic representation of days, weeks, and years
4.meaning "overlord"
5.Spanish explorers and soldiers
9.hereditary monarch of Iran
11.a form of writing in someone's native language
13.imaginary perfect land described by Thomas Moore
16.pardons from sins sold by the Catholic church
17.taxes on a vassal or knight in exchange for military service
19.document in 1215 that limits monarchy's power
21.members of a church created in the Reformation who were against papal authority
24.focusing on peoples' potential and achievements
25.group who founded Massachusetts to escape religious persecution

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