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  2 3
4 5             6
  7       8            
9                 10    
    11                 12      
15         16                    
  20               21    

5.the general principles or beliefs people us to make judgments and decisions
8.a member of a community of people who owe loyalty to a government and, in turn, are entitled to its protection
9.a system in which society, either directly or indirectly through the government, controls all aspects of the economy
11.the practice of offering your time and services to others without receiving payment
13.a group of people who share a common national, cultural, or racial background
14.separate or noticeably different
15.an obligation that we meet of our own free will
19.the ruling authority for a community
20.the health, prosperity, and happiness of the members of a community
22.a key practice, relationship, or organization in a society
23.the idea that government receives its power from the people
24.the decisions and actions a government takes to solve problems in the community
25.a government in which citizens choose a smaller group to govern on their behalf
1.the study of the rights and duties of a citizen
2.an action we are required to perform
3.a person who has left his or her home to escape danger such as persecution by the government, war, or natural disaster
4.political principle providing that a majority of the members of a community has the power to make laws binding upon all the people
6.monarchy in which the power of the hereditary ruler is limited by the country's constitution and laws
7.the rights and duties of a citizen
10.describes a system in which government control extends to almost all aspects of peoples lives
12.individual who moves permanently to a new country
16.a legal process to obtain citizenship
17.respecting and accepting others regardless of their beliefs, practices, or differences
18.a body of ideas about life and society
21.a foreign-born resident of the United States who has not been naturalized

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