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Westward Expansion

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8.this was an economic status that many farmers lived during Westward Expansion
9.This religious practice is establish be Native Americans, developed by Wenokca (2 Words)
12.African Americans from the South will flee once this period in history ended in 1877.
14.This type of farm was usually set up by companies and included a large amount of land
16.This act gave land to railroad companies to use or sell to pay for the Transcontinental Railroad (2 Words)
18.Nickname given to the purchase of Alaska (2 Words)
23.This massacre occurs when Black Kettle was to surrender to U.S. Army, though were attacked killing mostly men and women. (2 Words)
24.Economic principle in which the government's money contains or related to the exact amount of gold in reserves (2 Words)
26.This massacre occurs for an unknown reason, that results in a massive killing of Sioux (2 Words)
27.The Farmers' ____________ is established to organize farmers to fight for fair taxes and removal of the Gold Standard
28.the process of using ditches, canals, and dams to direct water where needed.
29.These "races" were setup to give away homesteads
1.these develop after rich ore is too difficult for prospectors to reach (2 Words)
2.This individual was commander of the U.S. forces at the Battle of Little Big Horn in which all 201 men were lost.
3.This city is an example of a boomtown as a result of the Comstock Lode (2 Words)
4.This group was formed by the federal government to monitor and log various mining operations
5.This group will be formed by the Federal Government to assist farmers in the Plains and help develop new types of wheat
6.called "farming factory on wheels", it will harvest, separate, and clean wheat from the fields
7.this type of mining used water and pressure to remove dirt from the surface to reach the ore
10.these will be used with a type of pump in the Plains to bring water from beneath the ground.
11.social group of farmers that will develop into a political action group to help fight for farmers
13.this bureau is established under the military's control to provide for the Native Americans and manage their lifestyles. (2 Words)
15.This act gave citizens 160 acres if they agreed to farm the land for 5 years.
17.Richest silver vein in the world. (2 Words)
19.a settlement that experiences quick growth as the result of some type of mining
20.land set aside specifically for the Native Americans that was typically of poor quality.
21.this type of mining involved the usage of deep shafts
22.This political party will form from members of the Farmers' Alliance and The Grange
25.This act gave land to states to sell in order to establish agricultural colleges

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