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350 Reading Week 5 vocabulary

1 2 3 4
8                 9      
  11           12    

5.I no longer want to be married, so I'm getting a -------
6.Buying that fourth pair of boots was a bit ---------. I don't really need them.
8.I'm so busy I find it hard to ---- ----- -- my schedule and finances.
11.The signature on this form is not real. It is ------.
14.The guy who arranges the sale of homes, insurance , and even body parts!
15.If I don't get a heart ---------- soon, I might die!
16.The amount of money you bring in each year is your ------
1.Check the -------- to see if your blood type is a match.
2.A person who donates something, like blood.
3.She became a ----- when her husband died.
4.Putting items into categories is called --------------.
7.I list my husband as my ---- -- ---. The hospital will contact him in an emergency.
9.A part of your body that you could donate, you only really need one of them.
10.When I was young I used to ------- my younger cousins.
12.Many people come to America looking for ------- that they don't have in their country.
13.At Christmas, many people ------ food to local charities.

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