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Art Puzzle Fun!

Miss Shirley

Let's have some fun solving Crossword Puzzles using terms and ideas we have learnt this year!

1 2 3 4
5                       6
  12     13          

5.Who painted Guernica?
8.How many art elements are there?
11.This gives objects an illusion of space
12.Using object or word to represent an abstract idea
1.To move towards this in perspective is to have _ point
2.One of the art elements
3.Title of Artwork done by Mr. Wee Beng Chong is "Song of _"
4.A dynamic picture has good _.
6.Composition Ratio is one:_:nine
7._ texture versus real texture
9.An example of a technique which uses heavy texture via palette knife
10.George Tooker's genre of work
13.Cobalt _

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