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Brittany's world history crossword! :)

Brittany HUME

2 3     4              
    6 7  
  8   9      
  11       12

3.Split the Roman Emipror into 4 parts.
5.The fist Roman empiror to actively persecute Christians.
10.Emperors claimed their "right to rule" on the basis of this.
13.The most powerful king and doubled the size of Mali.
14.Expanded the Eastern Roman Empire.
15.The period that saw the height of Islamic cultual, economis, and scientific advance.
1.Extented the authority of the papacy and converted many of the Germanic people of Europe to Christianity.
2.The capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire from 330-1453
4.Stoped the Moors' advance into Europe at the Battle of Tours.
6.Greatly expanded the Arab/Muslim empire and created a precendent of expansion the the future Muslim rulers would try to imitate.
7.Founded the Benedictine order of monks.
8.The people who were partly responsible for the Jewish revolt against Rome.
9.The first Germanic ruler to convert to Christianity.
11.Moved the capital to Constantinople and proclaimed the Edict of Milan.
12.The new political, social and economic order that came about after the break-up of the Corolingian Empire.

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